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Best WordPress Migration Plugins that could make the process hassle-free

In this article, we will be telling you about the best and most powerful WordPress Migration plugins that are easy to use. Let’s get started.

WordPress website migration is easy because of the migration plugins that exist. Manually, this process is complicated and one mistake could cause huge damage to your website. But using the Migration plugins that are already being used by many, it is no longer a headache.

All-In-One WP Migration

Planning to migrate your WordPress website? Download the All-In-One WP Migration to simplify the process and ensure a hassle-free transfer. The aforementioned plugin has been designed keeping in mind the complexities that might arise during the move. In a simple sense, the plug-in extracts all information related to the WordPress website exports them to upload it on a different location.

What’s best about the plugin is its ability to auto-correct serialization issues. The built-in find and replace option gives you the ease to locate dedicated databases and export them in the right instance. The plugin is backed by an intuitive drag and drop interface. Meaning that users need not be a technical expert or a skilled developer, sound knowledge of working with plugins would suffice.

Plugin 1 All-In-One WP Migration – One of the most Powerful WordPress Migration Plugins

Free Version Key Features

  • The plugin is compatible with all operating systems and can function seamlessly on mobile devices.
  • It has an easy to embed, user-friendly interface.
  • Has the ability to control serialization issues and corresponding fixes.
  • Does not imposes any load restrictions

WP SuperBackup

Finding the right plugin isn’t about looking for just the one that is limited to migration. Instead, an ideal plugin is one that embodies other necessary features and WP SuperBakcup is definitely worth the consideration. Besides offering the ease to migrate your WordPress admin from one location to another, it helps you backup your entire website and makes your site disruption-ready.

Using the plugin, you can get access to an array of features ranging between site backup, restoration, and migration. As known, once you have had a back-up created, moving the website content isn’t tough. The plugin extends its support towards multisite migration and even from a single site to a multisite. The presence of detailed documentation makes it easy for even beginners to get started with the process. The overall interface has been kept near basic, avoiding the hassles of the migration process.

Plugin 2 – WP SuperBackup – One of the most Powerful WordPress Migration Plugins

Premium Version Key Features

  • One-click backup and migration
  • Enables cloud integration giving the ease to store files in a synchronized manner
  • Allows live checking of the system to flag issues
  • Super easy installation process

Migrate Guru

For extremely large websites, exporting data and then uploading them might be a daunting task. Going through all the pain of backing up huge data files and then transferring it to a different location are prone to errors. Wait, have you checked the Migrate Guru plugin? As the names say, it is the master of all migration plugins and has a flexible yet easy way to move a WordPress website from one location to another.

From plugins to themes, extensions, and data, Migrate Guru will help you mitigate all in a simplified manner. With a transfer speed of 2GB/hour, this plugin is the top choice for a majority of organizations and business leaders that have a hefty WordPress website.

Plugin 3 – Migrate Guru – One of the most Powerful WordPress Migration Plugins

Free Version Key Features

  • Has compatibility with all major kinds of hosting services.
  • Inbuilt find and replace feature to automate the transfer
  • Works on its own servers, eliminating the need for storage spaces
  • Simple and user-friendly interface


In case you aren’t happy with the idea of doing it yourself and looking for an automated solution, check BackupGuard. As one of the top premium rates plugins, BackupGuard automates the end to end processes of backing up data, restoring, and migrating them as per the needs of the user. With this plugin, you will never have to worry about the configurations and the setup processes related to the migration process.

The plugin is self-compatible and will care of all, once you initiate the same. Starting with your files to the database, this plugin will migrate every component of your site and also supports serialization. All of the image paths, URLs, and other directories are automatically refactored by the plugin.

Plugin 4 – BackupGuard – One of the most Powerful WordPress Migration Plugins

Premium Version Key Features

  • Dedicated team to fix migration issues
  • Automated refactoring and serialization
  • Scheduled backups for efficient performance
  • Supports different kinds of migration.


UpdraftPlus is one of the premium plugins that offer quick migration of a WordPress website. The plugin gives you the ease to clone your website and then migrate it to play safe. The fact that it automates most of the migration work, you need not be part of the configuration silos. The plugin comes with an intuitive dashboard that helps create a duplicate copy of the website and all of the migration processes are managed from the dashboard itself.

UpdraftPlus is multisite compatible and also comes with a core search and replace tool which accounts for easy migration. The plugin also facilitates arbitrary usage of the search tool to bring back the irrelevant databases in place. In case you are experiencing any problems with the plugin, their support team would be happy to help.

Plugin 5 – UpdraftPlus – One of the most Powerful WordPress Migration Plugins

Free Version Key Features

  • Facilitates automated backup and one-click restoration
  • Scheduled backups
  • Extremely fast with lesser resources utilization

Premium Version Key Features

  • Special Search and Replace Tool
  • Compatible with multisite
  • Has all the add-ons as WP-CLI integration, multiple storage destinations, importer, enhanced reporting, etc.
  • 1GB free storage with a one-year subscription
  • Free community support


It is always suggested to perform the migration using good and trusted WordPress plugins if you are not an expert or you want the process to be very promising. Doing so will keep your data safe and help you come back online faster. You may use any of the suggested plugins for this purpose.

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